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During hearing which of the following is the first to vibrate tympanic membrane. During hearing which of the following is last to vibrate Hair cells of sprial organs.

Human ear The physiology of hearing Britannica

Human ear Human ear The physiology of hearing: Hearing is the process by which the ear transforms sound vibrations in the external environment into nerve impulses that are conveyed to the brain where they are interpreted as sounds. Sounds are produced when vibrating objects such as the plucked string of a guitar produce pressure pulses of vibrating air molecules better known as sound

The structure and function of the ear and its role in hearing

During an ear examination stimulation of the auricular branch of the vagus nerve can cause the patient to cough this is called the Arnolds reflex Ryan et al 2014 . The shared nerve supply between the ear and other parts of the head and neck means inflammation or other pathology in these regions can cause ear pain.

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The pressure waves strike the tympanum causing it to vibrate. The mechanical energy from the moving tympanum transmits the vibrations to the three bones of the middle ear. The stapes transmits the vibrations to a thin diaphragm called the oval window which is the outermost structure of the inner ear.

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Hearing depends on a series of complex steps that change sound waves in the air into electrical signals. Our auditory nerve then carries these signals to the brain. Also available: Journey of Sound to the Brain an animated video.

How We Hear: 6 Basic Steps to Hearing Union Hearing Aid

The Hearing Process. In essence our ears work to alter the acoustic stimulus that enters and move through our ear canals into a form of neural code that our brains can decipher process and comprehend. Here are 6 basic steps to how we hear: Sound transfers into the ear canal and causes the eardrum to move

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The middle ear. The middle ear is an airfilled space that contains 3 tiny bones known as ossicles called the malleus hammer incus and stapes stirrup . Sound waves that reach the tympanic membrane cause it to vibrate. This vibration is then transmitted to the ossicles which amplify the sound and pass on the vibration to the oval window

ear: The Hearing Process Infoplease

ear: The Hearing Process. In the course of hearing sound waves enter the auditory canal and strike the eardrum causing it to vibrate. The sound waves are concentrated by passing from a relatively large area the eardrum through the ossicles to a relatively small opening leading to the inner ear. Here the stirrup vibrates setting in motion

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