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Loss leader pricing: Loss leader pricing is a slightly different marketing strategy and is illegal in half of U.S. states. Companies sell a product or service at a lossor narrow marginto attract more customers. In theory customers buy these loss leaders and then spend the savings on the companys other more profitably priced goods.

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Negative Quality Perception: If the products price is too low the customer might presume the product to be of poor quality. This will harm the brand image and the strategy will not work. Legal Impli ions: In many US states the use of the loss leader strategy is against the law as it is considered predatory. Examples Of Loss Leader Pricing

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You can use loss leader pricing to entice customers to visit your store. Sale prices attract customers and you can build a reputation for having great deals. You can also use loss leader pricing to sell items that are new to the marketshoppers are often more willing to try a new product when it 39s on sale.

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Examples of product line pricing. Lets delve a little deeper into examples of product line pricing strategies done well. Pure SaaS businesses can benefit hugely from a welltuned product line approach but as well see its a good strategy for all kinds of businesses. Retail. Wherever quality is a variable product line pricing can be

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While loss leader pricing is most often used in retail settings it can also be applied to product marketing. Think about consumable products like razors and razor blades for example. Most razor manufacturers are happy to sell the razor unit at a loss because they will make a profit every time a customer buys replacement razor blades.

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Cost leadership examples 5: IKEA Needless to say the famous Swedish furniture retailer has absolutely revolutionized the furniture industry. By producing huge quantities of standardized products that people can actually assemble themselves IKEA has gained a significant competitive advantage with its cost leadership strategy.

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Main Drawback of Loss Leader Pricing. The biggest risk to a business that uses the loss leader pricing strategy is illustrated in the example of British Motor Corporation: customers may only take advantage of the loss leader pricing and not purchase any other of the businesss products and/or services.

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Product line pricing is more effective when there are ample price gaps between each egory so that the consumer is well informed of the quality differentials. There are five common product line pricing strategies captive pricing leader pricing bait pricing price lining and price bundling. There will be examples with each type of strategy.

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