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Dwarf Honey Gourami Turning Black Tropical Fish Forums

Nov 5 2013. 1. Hello everyone I 39ve had my tank around 3 months now I 39m relatively new to tropical fish. In any case a few weeks ago I bought three Dwarf Honey Gourami for my tank. They were in very healthy condition and were a pure golden colour they were purchased from a reputable fish store. However one of the Gourami had a slightly

Dwarf Gourami Bottom Fin Turning Black My Aquarium Club

Dwarf Gourami bottom fin turning black. By Markus 5 years ago on Tropical Fish. Hello I have had my dwarf gourami for about 2 years. ive recently noticed his bottom fin for probably the last couple months has been slowly turning black. I 39ll post some pictures here if i can.

Why Is My Goldfish Turning Black Causes Cure and Prevention

One of the more harmful reasons your goldfish is turning black is also one of the most common. The number one reason goldfish turn black is due to ammonia poisoning. Excessive ammonia in water poses a threat to your fishs health by burning its gills and body. Unfortunately excessive ammonia isnt visible to the naked eye.

Gourami diseases / 10 symptoms Guide to aquarium world

It is normal for some gourami species to darken before spawning. This is especially true of the marble gourami which turns almost into a black gourami to attract a . But pearl gourami which is usually distinguished by a silvery color becomes purplecolored for spawning.

My Gourami is turning black Freshwater Fish Disease and

k8ybug9. My honey gourami is turning black see pic . It seems to be fine otherwise eating activity etc . I noticed about a week ago that the edges of the back and bottom fins were darker but thought maybe that was just something that develops as they grow. I didn 39t notice it getting any worse until today. This doesn 39t seem normal anymore.

Gourami Fish Turning Black Colored Spots on Body

Dwarf gourami boy died suddenly just found him at the bottom of the tank. Nothing wrong with water parameters but have done a small water change just in case. The two gourami s seem fine. Eating and no visible signs of illness. Rasbora and black neons also seem fine. All very colourful. Cories are your general busy cories.

My Gourami is Turning Black Why and What to Do

There are 3 main reasons why gourami fish turn black. One the tank conditions are poor too small too much ammonia nitrate or nitrite in the water inaccurate temperature and/or pH . Two the fish is stressed or sick and suffering from disease or infection. Three the fish is getting old and/or genetically predisposed to darkening.

Help Gourami Turned Black MyFishTank.Net Forum

Sky Diamond. This is my first post on here. Last night my orange Dwarf Gourami was fine eating swimming around happily and then I looked tonight he 39s turned black over his head and down half of his body on both sides and has a patch of white fluffy stuff on his head guessing it 39s fungus. He 39s sick as he isn 39t eating and half the time he 39s

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