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Best way to get gold ore : StardewValley

Minagy. 4y. That 39s probably the easiest and fastest way of mining gold. I think I mined an average of about 100 gold ore a day using this tactic. 1. level 1. tractorferret. 4y. just go down in the mines. buying gold is a astrophic gold sink that you 39ll never get back. lvl 80 through 120 of mines give a huge ton of gold ore.

Gold Ore Stardew Valley Wiki Fandom

Gold Ore can be bought from Clint for 400G or found in the mines. It is harvested by a Pickaxe from rocks past level 80. A good method of farming it can be to use the elevator and get to floor 80. Then go to 81 until you see gold ore appear. Typically it will show up there and continuing to floor 85 from 81 provides a nice amount of gold ore. Five Gold Ore can be smelted in a furnace to

Best levels for all ores Stardew Valley General Discussions

Gold: 80 I 39ve seen 101109 cited as the best for gold ore but this isn 39t stated on the wiki like the others are and I haven 39t put quite as much time into those floors yet to notice any difference myself. Judging by the trend of the other two ores becoming more abundant before the mine switches to the next tier it makes sense.

Best level for mining each ore : StardewValley

Okay thank you this will be super helpful 1. level 1. cowardlydragon. 3y. Copper ore is abundant on levels 3139 iron ore is abundant on levels 7119 and gold ore is abundant on levels 101109. You can still find ore on other levels but these are the ones where they are most common. 2. level 2.

Guide How I farm 200 gold ores a day : StardewValley

Go to the mines Enter level 80 then descend while farming gold ores then when you reach the elevator at 85 repeat. Conditions: If you descend on 1 level and you don 39t find a gold rock to mine just leave the floor then repeat. Repeat: Enter level 80 gt descend until 85 gt then use elevator to Enter level 80. Example of me doing it:

Best Ways To Farm Ore In Stardew Valley

To farm Gold Ore you should play through levels 80 until 85 and then rinse and repeat until you 39re satisfied with how many Gold Ores you have on you. Iridium Ore There are more passive ways to get your hands on Iridium Ore even though these take much longer compared to going down to the Skull Cavern .

Gold Ore Stardew Valley Wiki

Gold nodes in the Mines at levels 80 . Gold Nodes in the Skull Cavern rarely at levels 60 and more commonly at levels 80 . Nodes can spawn in the Quarry or in the quarry on the Hilltop and FourCorners Farm Maps. Breaking boxes and barrels in the mines. Ghosts have a 20 chance of dropping 13 gold ore. Fishing treasure chests.

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