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Anyone else wish there was a Tinkers Construct version of the

I am currently working on a mod that aims to add Ex Nihilo compatibility to a lot of nontech mods such as Tinkers Construct and Natura and while it does not require Tinkers 39 Construct that is the first mod I added content for. Shown in the image is the Tinkers edition of the Ex Nihilo hammer called a Sledge Hammer.

BUG Sledge hammer won 39t crush diorite or granite Issue

I 39m finding that the latest version for 1.12.2 version 0.4.3 doesn 39t let any Tinkers Complement sledge hammers turn cobblestone into gravel. A regular stone hammer from Ex Nihilo works however. The Tinkers Complement hammer does work on gravel/sand though.

How to use a hammer like a weapon Quora

I assume you want more than hit the target with the heavy end. When I was young and did medieval reinactments I often carried a hammer instead of a sword so I have some knowlege of the subject First we start with the question of what type of Ham

Base Metals Mods Minecraft CurseForge

Crack Hammer. Also known as a sledgehammer this tool is designed for pulverizing rocks. Using this tool on ores will cause them to drop powdered metal instead of the standard ore block. Use can then use the powdered metals to make metal alloy mixes or just smelt the powder into ingots.

Hammer Tinkers 39 Construct Wiki Fandom

The Hammer is a tool which harvestsblocks in a wide range. The hammer is a Tier 2 tool and can only be created in the Tool Forge. Natural Ability: Area of EffectThe Hammer mines a 3x3 grid this works on stone and ores that thePickaxe also works on. Once the mining animation is completed on the source block the 8 surrounding blocks aregathered. This pattern can be horizontal or vertical

Double Compressed Diamond Hammer TiCon upgrade issues Issue

Breaking with hammer breaks in 3x3 but has speed equal to breaking by hand. Tool XP is awarded properly. Increasing the speed of the hammer to absurd 26 magical wood tools rule doesn 39t influence the breaking speed. Breaking with excavator has correct speed for the tool but doesn 39t break in 3x3 pattern.

Tinkers 39 Complement Mods Minecraft CurseForge

Tinkers Complement adds several tools as compatibility for other mods: If Chisel is loaded a Tinkers Construct version of the chisel is added. It can be modified to increase durability increase the in world chiseling width and height and to add the iChisel interface. If Ex Nihilo is loaded the sledge hammer is added as a method to perform

Question about Tinker 39s : feedthebeast

It also doesn 39t change the material traits so the iron pickaxe would still have quotmagneticquot which is useful on a mining tool instead of quotcoldbloodedquot which is good for a weapon but kind of pointless on a pickaxe.

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