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When Should I Dose Iron Fertilizer in My Planted Aquarium

Iron is utilized quite rapidly in aquariums so we recommend dosing 1 pump 1 ml of Easy Iron per 10 gallons of water approximately 13 times a week as desired. Each pump adds 0.26 ppm of iron and an entire bottle treats up to 5000 gallons of water. When in doubt start with a low dosage and slowly increase after two weeks.

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It 39s not overdosing if I 39m dosing for volume of plants rather than volume of water. None of the products talk about extremely heavily planted tanks. In a flower bed with 1 rose you might only need a cup of fertilizer but in that same bed with 20 roses you will need more. Ammonia means nothing in a planted tank.

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Dosing Your Planted Tank Direct dry dosing is a perfectly fine practice with this method. Many times the dose is admitted straight into the water or dissolved into the water before added to the planted tank. Often times plan text CSM B is diluted into a solution to allow for liquid dosing.

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The tank is a 15 gallon that is moderately planted. I think I 39ll look for order the iron and maybe dose half of their recommendation for the time being and see how it goes. Save Share

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My tank is nearly 100 stem plants as I originally filled it to try to keep algae at bay 120 stems of Rotala elodea cabomba in a 40 breeder so because I think these are mostly fast growing I have been dosing 1.5 times the quotEI recommendedquot for 2040 gallon size aquariums of KNO3 3/8 tsp every other day KH2PO4 3/32nd every other day

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Dosing heavy amounts of nutrients in a sparsely planted tank seeds instability. If algae spores are introduced or triggered heavy nutrients will escalate problems. On the other hand if one has a tank full of hungry plants and do not dose enough nutrients plants can starve and deteriorate and this triggers algae issues as well.

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It 39s very easy to know. Iron should be used as a proxy for the other elements because the plant uses 100 39s of time more Fe than the other micronutrients. If you are low on the other micronutrients then there is a good chance you are also low on Iron unless you are dosing only Iron and the tap water is low in micronutrients.

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A: Iron is an important nutrient in the planted aquarium. In order to maintain an adequate iron concentration it should be dosed on a fairly regular basis daily . Flourish should be dosed less often semiweekly or weekly since its components are not rapidly depleted. Daily dosing with Flourish can lead to unwanted algae growth.

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