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Spacecraft in the Honorverse Annex Fandom

Because the main propulsion for starships is the impeller drive which produces two bands of gravitic stress above and below the ship 39s hull ship 39s weapons are mounted on the sides of ship hulls reintroducing the 39broadside 39 of years long past. Without gravitic stress protection for the bow and stern ships mount heavy pointdefense there.

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Impulse engine Memory Alpha Fandom

An impulse engine or impulse drive was a common propulsion system used on starships used to create impulse power in order to achieve impulse speeds. 1 Technology 1.1 Parts of the system 2 Appendices 2.1 See also 2.2 Background information 2.3 External links In Federation starships the impulse drive was essentially an augmented fusion rocket usually consisting of one or more fusion reactors

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Impeller wedgeThe inclined planes of gravitic stress formed above and below a spacecraft by its impeller drive. A military impeller wedge 39s quotfloorquot and quotroofquot are impenetrable by any known weapon. Warshawski sailThe circular gravity quotgrab fieldsquot devised by Adrienne Warshawski to permit starships to quotsailquot along gravity waves in hyperspace.

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Impeller drive Honorverse Fandom

The impeller rings contained 16 beta nodes. Around 1900 PD the best acceleration for the impeller drive starship was well under 600 gravities. The drive quottamedquot gravity waves to be used in normal space but was highly dangerous in hyperspace until the invention of the Warshawski sail which helped

Reactionless Drive TV Tropes

The starships of 2300AD use a stutterwarp drive: the ship essentially teleports a short distance and the quotspeedquot one travels is dependent on how fast the engine cycles to make the individual jumps. While this is their primary method of interstellar FTL travel they also use it within systems to move at the equivalent of sublight velocities.

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