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Apollo 39s Technology Has Made Our Lives Better : NPR

Freezedried food. Beef pot roast lobster bisque peach ambrosia all things that if you were an Apollo astronaut you might be eating out of a plastic pouch while speeding away from Earth at

Facts About Lead Live Science

Lead is a highly lustrous bluishwhite element that makes up only about 0.0013 percent of the Earth 39s crust according to the Jefferson Lab. It is not considered rare however since it is fairly

Don 39t Panic about Rare Earth Elements Scientific American

The strong and lightweight nature of rare earth magnets metals and alloys have made them especially valuable in hightech products. Originally produced for the October 2011 issue of Scientific

Lead National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Lead a naturally occurring metal is abundantly found throughout the Earth. It has been used in a wide variety of products including gasoline paint plumbing pipes ceramics solders batteries and even cosmetics. Lead is hazardous to our health. Due to health concerns in 1973 the federal government began to phase out lead in gasoline and

5. Where do the world 39s supplies of mercury come from

Mercury is a natural component of the earth with an average abundance of approximately 0.05 mg/kg in the earths crust with significant local variations. Mercury ores that are mined generally contain about one percent mercury although the strata mined in Spain typically contain up to 1214 percent mercury.

Learn about Lead US EPA

Lead and lead compounds have been used in a wide variety of products found in and around our homes including paint ceramics pipes and plumbing materials solders gasoline batteries ammunition and cosmetics. Lead may enter the environment from these past and current uses. Lead can also be emitted into the environment from industrial

How Our Trash Impacts the Environment Earth Day

Find out more about plastic pollution and how you can help reduce your own waste. In 2017 for instance the Environmental Protection Agency calculated that the total generation of municipal solid waste in the United States just that year was 267.8 million tons. Compared with 2015 levels it was a 5.7 million increase.

Rare Earth Metals: Will We Have Enough

All rare earth metals contain radioactive elements such as uranium and thorium which can contaminate air water soil and groundwater. Metals such as arsenic barium copper aluminum lead and beryllium may be released during mining into the air or water and can be toxic to human health. Moreover the refinement process for rare earth metals

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