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The steel piece to be magnetized is placed on the iron core kept inside the coil and the direct current is passed through the coil. The iron core now becomes a powerful magnet and thus the steel piece placed on it also becomes a magnet by induction. The magnetized piece of steel is then lifted up after switching off the current. Advantages. The

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When you stick a magnet to a piece of iron or steel the steel temporarily acts like a magnet. We can say that it has a north and a south pole just like the other magnets we sell. We call the piece of steel a temporary magnet because this effect goes away when we remove the magnet. That 39s why neodymium magnets are called quotpermanent

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The piece of iron has become a magnet. Some substances can be magnetized by an electric current. When electricity runs through a coil of wire it produces a magnetic field. The field around the coil will disappear however as soon as the electric current is turned off. Geomagnetic Poles. The Earth is a magnet.

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The atoms band together in domains and when a piece of iron comes near a magnet the domains align to point in the same direction and we see the invisible force of magnetism. Although natural magnets such as lodestone exist most magnets today are manmade through processes that cause the domains to align and point in the same direction.

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To magnetize a metal using a hammer you will need a compass a hammer and a piece of metal with some iron. These items can easily be purchased at a local hardware store. A metal alloy that doesnt have iron in it is less likely to be magnetic. Pure gold silver copper etc. cannot be magnetized with this method.

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State two ways of magnetising an iron piece

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An unmagnetised piece of iron is attracted to a bar magnet.

A piece of iron is a magnetic material and its domain aligns into two poles when present in a magnetic field of bar magnet. An atom has charges which are in motion thus there is current and the orbits of rotation enable them as an equivalent current loop. But iron is attracted due to magnetism and their is no current loop.

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