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PROJECTS CLASS 12. The goal of the project is to investigate effect of metal coupling on the rusting of iron. Metal coupling effects the rusting of iron. We will have to study the change in rate of rusting when an iron nail is coupled with metals more electropositive than iron and with metals which are less electropositive than iron.

Chemistry Project On Rusting Of Iron Class 12

Investigatory Chemistry Project On Rusting Of Iron.Rust is an iron oxide a usually reddishbrown oxide formed by the reaction of iron and oxygen in the a


12th chemistry project rusting of iron 1. modern delhi public school sector 87 faridabad rusting of iron chemistry project file by : name utkarsh varshney class 12th master ability roll no. 2.

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Rusting of Iron Project Rust is another name for iron oxide usually red or black which occurs when iron or an alloy that contains metal presented to oxygen and moisture for an extended period. In the contacting with the oxygen iron will react with the oxygen to form rust. The oxygen joins with the

Chemistry Project on Metal coupling in rusting of Iron

INDEX 1. Certifi e 2. Acknowledgement 3. Objective 4. Introduction 5. Materials and equipments 6. Procedure Certifi e This is to certify that the project titled Study of effect of metal coupling in rusting of Iron was completed under my guidance and supervision by Ashish Pandey a student of XIISci. Prabhat Senior Secondary Public School within the stipulated time as prescribed by CBSE.

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Rusting is the common term for corrosion of iron and its alloys such as steel. Many other metals undergo equivalent corrosion but the resulting oxides are not commonly called rust. Oxidation of Iron Metal When impure cast iron is in contact with water oxygen or other strong oxidants or acids it rusts. If salt is present for example in

Rusting of Iron Project Report Rusting of Iron Chemistry

Rusting of Iron Rusting of Iron 12th Class Project Report Chemistry Project on RUST affected moisture oxygen carbondioxide Theory Rusting of Iron Water vapours on surface metal dissolved carbondioxide oxygen from the air Procedure Iron Rusting compound iron combination of iron oxygen paints grease and lacquers


Galvanized Metals. Aim of the project In this project the aim is to investigate effect of the metals coupling on the rusting. of iron. Metal coupling affects the rusting of iron . If the nail is coupled with a more. electropositive metal like zinc magnesium or aluminium rusting is prevented but if on.

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