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Factorio Reference Sheet

For example Iron Plate has a stack ratio of 2:1 because it takes 200 Iron Ore 2 stacks of 100 to create 200 Iron Plate 1 stack of 200 Copper Cable has a stack ratio of 1:1 because 1 stack of Copper Plate 100 turns into 1 stack of Copper Cable 200 . The belt compression ratio is similar but doesn 39t take stack size into account.

0.12.x v0.12.8 Bob 39s Ore Mod. Factorio Forums

by bobingabout Thu May 22 2014 12:05 pm. This mod adds new ore fields for the following new ore types: Tin Silver Gold Galena Lead Tungsten Bauxite Aluminium Zinc Rutile Titanium ore and Quartz. It also adds the optional ores Nickel Cobalt and Sulfur configurable in config.lua. Since Nickel ore is a requirement for Bob 39s

Train yard management Factorio Forums

Im not on Factorio to test this but I think it would work. Using your example the signal I1 would be sent when iron ore 0. This signal would have a timer that stops I1 being sent after around 23 seconds this would allow only 1 train to exit the waiting bays.

Data.raw Factorio Wiki

Data.raw. This is a complete listing of all the vanilla prototype 39s internal names under their prototype types. Further documentation on the types and how they inherit properties can be found on Prototype definitions. For a full serialization of factorio 39s data.raw as of 1.1.25 click here. Warning the above link contains 7 MB of text and may

Feeding Furnace with Iron Ore Factorio Forums

Instead I could get a separate Iron ore mining facility and feed each line with its own mine. Splitting does have the advantage of being the simpler option with differences in size or as ore runs out in one lo ion.

Console Factorio Wiki

The patch it creates is perfectly square but it randomizes the amount similar to natural generation with fewer ore at the edges and more ore in the center. The default numbers result in a patch with 25003000 ore. If you want a larger patch change quotlocal size 5quot to a larger number. A larger patch will have exponentially more ore.

Basic Question about Ratios Newbie Factorio Forums

Consider smelting iron ore into iron plates. Is my understanding below correct: It takes 1 iron ore to make 1 iron plate A stone furnace has a Crafting Speed of 1. The recipe time for an iron plate is 2 therefore a stone furnace can turn 1 iron ore into 1 iron plate every 2 seconds Craft Speed x Recipe Time .

Factorio: How to Build a Smelting Setup Tutorial

Fortunately for copper and iron the ratio of ore to plates is 1:1. Thus you can roughly put a belt in and have a belt come out at the same time Make sure to have a look at the Factorio Cheat Sheet website as well.

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