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Irony In The Pardoner 39s Tale eNotes.com

To fully appreciate the layers of irony in quotThe Pardoner 39s Talequot consider the Prologue to the tale as well as the tale itself. In the Prologue and in the first 200 lines of the story the

Poetry Terms English V AP Flashcards Quizlet

Verbal irony is a figure of speech that occurs when a person says one thing but means the opposite. Sarcasm is a strong form of verbal irony that is calculated to hurt someone through for example false praise. Dramatic irony creates a discrepancy between what a character believes or says and what the reader or audience member knows to be true.

Success is counted sweetest Because I could not stop for

What is the purple Host in line 5 Think about how the color purple has been used for notable things. Whose ear is mentioned in line 10 Why is the ear forbidden Describe the image in the last stanza. Because What irony exists in lines 12 What irony exists in the second stanza What is the irony in the last stanza

P7: Figurative 3: Paradox Overstatement

Irony of Situationthe discrepancy between circumstances and what seems appropriate or between expectation and reality. 1. O. Henry 39s quotThe Gift of the Majiquotgold watch for comb hair for watch fob: 2. King Midasgolden touch: 3. Cooleridge 39s quotThe Ancient MarinerquotquotWater water everywherequot but not a quotdrop to drink.quot D. Dramatic Irony and

What Are Examples of Dramatic Irony in quotMacbethquot

Another example of dramatic irony with King Duncan is when he expresses trust for Macbeth in act one scene four having no idea that Macbeth is going to kill him. This same scenario elicits dramatic irony from the character of Lady Macbeth when two scenes later she affects a genteel and formalized in welcoming the king after the

Irony In Pride And Prejudice eNotes.com

A great deal of Austen 39s wit is actually seen through the use of irony. In Pride and Prejudice we see all three types of irony displayed: verbal situational and dramatic. The use of verbal

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The reentry of the second person makes a bridge between line 2 and lines 1012 in which the thou figures as subject of an action. In the volta of line 9 however the pronoun is genitive: thy eternal summer implies a reversal of the previous order since summer is now an object possessed rather than a possessor of beauty.

macbeth act 1 Flashcards Quizlet

1 get guards drunk. 2 Macbeth use guards sword to kill Duncan. 3 Macbeth puts back sword with guards to frame them. Mood is the feeling or atmosphere that the writer 39s words convey to the reader. Complete the following sentence. In Scene 1 lines 111 the witches help create a mood of: dark or sinister.

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