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Smeling stuff locally will generete less train traffic. That should not be a problem though if your train network is good in the first place. I have a large smelting area where I smelt evrything. Including steel. I like all the Plates coming from one place. That way I can easily send copper and iron trains to other outposts.

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One train of steel plate requires 10 trains of iron ore. So dedi ing an iron patch to steel and smelting onsite isn 39t unreasonable. I do a mix of both. For all the little lt5 million patches I ship the ore to a central smelter. If you have a 50 million patch it makes sense to smelt onsite.

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For copper the best you can do is simply making plates unless you have nearby iron. For iron you can further increase the savings by making steel or gears. These are both used heavily in recipes gears in particular making them a good choice for reducing train loads.

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In my personal experience I 39ve found I much prefer smelting on site. The train traffic reduction by making the plates off site was immediately noticeable I highly recommend it for anyone who is curious. On another note making iron gears or smelting steel on site is also very advisable. take for example a fully loaded train with 4 cargo wagons:

Mine ore and smelt onsite or smelt at large site away from

It 39s not only 50 ore vs. 100 plate on trains but 50 ore 50 ore 100 plate in 3 trains vs. 1 train with 100 plate. On steel it 39s even more than this. Unfortunately it 39s not quite that simple having dozens of stations producing iron plates and dozens of stations requesting iron plates will be a nightmare to manage without a central depot

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Each furnace will immediately suck up 500 iron plates until its internal buffer of 100 steel is full. For the early game this sucks up a lot of initial resources. With a short bus length the buffer of steel on the main bus belt could wind up being a lot less than the steel trapped in the furnaces. Top.

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That 39s so we have the ability to place down steel arrays and they 39ll be in perfect alignment. The setup is very similar: this array will smelt ore into plates into steel. Steel takes 5 times the amount of time to smelt as iron plates and requires 5 iron plates so a direct feed array is perfect Keep in mind that you will need 5 arrays like

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UPS Wars 2 Steel Smelting. It 39s time for round 2 of the smelting UPS wars and this time the challenge is steel. Going from ore gt steel is significantly different than just smelting to plates so I thought it was deserving of its own thread. Void chest mod has been removed in favor of the vanilla infinitychest.

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