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Four Easy Steps to Clean Up Audio in PostProduction

In truth postproduction processing of audio is an entire career track because its so specialized and involved. Yet there is quite a lot you can do to improve your audio if you know the basics. In this episode of our How To Video series Nick LaClair head of video production for SproutVideo walks you through removing unwanted background

10 Types of Noise in Audio and how to Get Rid of it for Good

Your mic may also include an onboard low ut filter which offers an electronic solution although this may also remove the low frequencies you want to record. How to fix it Low frequencies can be removed afterwards using a high pass filter or more surgical EQ just be aware this may influence the low frequencies you want to hear.

How can I stop feedback from the mic to the headphones FL

Of course there is a simple solution for this turn off the recording feedback if that is the right terminology from the mic to the headphones so the artist doesn 39t have to hear the latency. My problem is I don 39t know how to do this I have searched google but all the information doesn 39t really correlate with what I want to be done.


hello i am using the latest version of windows 10. the mic on my pc keep producing echo and it really gets annoying which i have to mute it all the time. tried turning off the mic access already but still doesn 39t work. and also it is saying that Host process for windows service is currently using the microphone. does anyone know how do i stop

Best way to remove mic feedback in post

Find the worst instances of feedback let iZotope analyze it and then you can have it build some notch filters to knock it out as much as possible. My experience is that you can generally remove at least 50 of problems like this then solve the rest just through careful level adjustment and EQ. It 39s never perfect but it 39ll be an improvement.

XFDBK Feedback Elimination Plugin Waves

XFDBK identifies the precise frequencies that cause feedback and surgically cuts them dramatically shortening the setup time of monitors and PA speakers. XFDBK is the first plugin ever to provide a complete automatic feedback suppression solution. Whether youre an FOH engineer mixing for thousands or a singer performing with your own

Eight Ways to Eliminate Microphone Feedback

Knowing your microphone 39s polar pattern helps you to adjust where you will place stage monitors to avoid signal feedback into the microphone. Know the Point of Feedback Once you have adjusted and set your gain slowly ride your mixer 39s fader up until you begin to hear feedback.

How to Control Feedback in a Sound System Shure

Placing the microphone too close to the loudspeaker too far from the sound source or simply turning the microphone up too high all raise the likelihood of feedback problems. Pro Tip 1 quotThe worst is vocalists who cup the mic capsule e.g. rappers who put their hand around the grill of the mic because they think it looks cool .

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