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Solved: Why Is 95 Percent Ethanol Used To Wash The Solid

art E.3. Why is 95 percent ethanol used to wash the solid the tetraamminecopper II sulfate monohydrate product on the filter paper instead of deionized water

Why was ethanol used during the final washes of the recovered

The recovered copper product was washed out with ethanol because it has low evaporation point. What was the purpose of washing the copper residue with acetone 10 points The copper was washed with the methanol and acetone before being heated because the end product needed to be pure copper.

How could ethanol and acetone speed up water evaporation

The copper fell to the bottom of the beaker and we then poured the solution through filter paper to ch and weigh the copper. Once the copper was in the filter paper we had to rinse it in ethanol and acetone before putting it in the oven to evaporate everything aside from the copper II and the paper.

Ethanol was used to wash the recovered copper because it

Ethanol was used to wash the recovered copper because it hastened the drying process and also removed some water remaining on the copper. Gonzalo Sequeira Bradley Hoine 51430 3/27/12 A steam bath was necessary in drying the copper because overheating the copper would cause it to oxidize with the oxygen in the air.

Solved: Give Two Reasons Why The Product Was Washed With A

Explain each answer with a brief sentence or two. a. The product was washed with water instead of acetone. b. Not all of the acetone was removed in the drying step. c. The beaker was not rinsed with the additional 5 mlL of ethanol. d. More than 10 mL of water was used to dissolve the anhydrous copper II sulfate.

Why precipitate is thoroughly washed with water

Icecold ethanol was used to minimize as much as possible the loss rinsing through of product. Why was the copper washed with water 15 points The purpose of washing the product in Reaction 6 with water was to purify the solid and rid the solution of the dissolved aluminum as well as the HCl.

In the final reaction the recovered copper was washed with

To compliment the ethanol in the drying process a steam bath was used. He reason for the steam bath was because overheating the copper could cause the oxidation of copper with atmospheric oxygen. A steam bath was the most efficient way to dry the copper without overheating the copper product.

In a chem lab why do I have to use ethanol and distilled

Because you are washing any impurities off of it. The water dissolves some impurities and the ethanol will dissolve other impurities. Doing both rinses will get the purest sample.

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