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The story of yttrium barium copper oxide YBCO for short is the story of superconductivity which goes back over 100 years to 1911. YBCO is a superconductor at relatively high temperatures. By relatively high I mean around 93K which is still pretty chilly.

Yttrium barium copper oxide superconducting transition

The superconductors that fit in the BCS theory however have low T c which has greatly limited practical appli ions of superconductors. Lowtemperature superconductors such as NbTi and Nb 3 Sn can only generate magnetic fields up to 10.5 T and 20 T 33 due to their upper critical fields less than 25 T at 4.2 K. Economy Superconductivity Kit : Toys and Games

Our superconductivity kit features a large superconductive disc formulated from the oxides of Yttrium Barium and Copper in the famous 123 chemical combination. The disc has a critical temperature of 92 degrees Kelvin. Chill the disc to 77 degrees Kelvin with liquid nitrogen and it produces a striking Meissner Effect magnetic levitation

Process for preparing mercurybariumcalciumcopperoxide

In a preferred embodiment of the invention the HgBaCaCuO superconductor is doped with rhenium the atomic ratio of mercury to rhenium in the precursor mixture and the superconductor structure is greater than about 3:1 the atomic ratio of mercury plus rhenium to barium to calcium to copper in the superconductor structure is approximately 1:2:2

Superconductingwire Superconducting Wire by STI Conductus

A majority of superconducting wire manufacturers are migrating to new Second Generation 2G HTS materials utilizing Rare Earth BariumCopperOxide ReBCO compounds. 2G HTS materials are recognized as a superior superconductor by offering better performance in a magnetic field and improved mechanical properties all at lower cost.

How to Make a Superconductor at Home The Green Optimistic

Superconductors are known as the holy grail of energy transmission energy storage and even computing. You can make one yourself if you possess a bit of will knowledge and the following: Equipment. To make an yttriumbariumcopperoxide superconductor you will need: Yttrium Oxide Barium Carbonate TOXIC Cupric Oxide

Yttrium Barium Copper Oxides an overview ScienceDirect Topics

Preparation of the Ceramic Oxide Superconductors. The most common method of making the yttriumbariumcopper oxide superconductors is to mix dry powders of yttrium oxide barium carbonate and cupric oxide in the proper molecular ratios. Barium carbonate is used instead of barium oxide because commercially available barium oxide is very impure.

Superconductivity Making a High Tc Superconductor

The starting mix is a grey powder made by thoroughly mixing yttrium oxide barium carbonate and cuprix oxide in the ratios 1:2:3 This superconductor is often referred to as quot123quot as a result . Yttrium Oxide Y 2 O 3 11.29 grams. Barium Carbonate BaCO 3 39.47 grams. Cupric Oxide CuO 23.86 grams. 2.

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