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3 tips to Make your outboard jet run better FishwithJD

weight and its distribution is a huge factor also Impeller/liner clearance along with wear factor and proper trim angle/ motor height Proper clearance for aluminum Impeller is .018 at tightest point and .015 for SS weight should be 60/40 FORWARD of center ie fuel batteries people height should be front edge of scoop flush with bottom of

DIY This Old Outboard Vintage Outboard Motor Parts and

1. Access the shift connecter by removing the lower unit water inlet screen on 1980 and later models. See find number 30 in figure above. remove the port and starboard water inlet screens using a screwdriver. 2. With the shift rod connection now in view use two wrenches to back off the upper nut onto the upper portion of the shift rod.

Broken impeller pieces Boating Forum iboats Boating Forums

Jan 24 2011. 6. Re: Broken impeller pieces. Same exact motor as mine and I just replaced my water pump impeller was surprised and relieved at how easy it was will change mine every 2 or 3 years from now on. Hopefully those impeller pieces of your passed on out of the system but it 39s worth watching for a while. don 39t you hate stuff like that

How to Remove the Impeller of a Trash Pump

Step 5: Removing the Impeller. Unscrew the impeller from the engine shaft of the pump. Turn it counterclockwise and remove. You can slightly hit the impeller with a rubber mallet to loosen it on the shaft. Remove the nut which holds the spring and seal assembly on the engine shaft. Take out the spring and slide the seal assembly to take it out.

Signs of a Bad Outboard Water Pump and Maintenance Tips

The impeller is a series of rubber vanes that are molded around a hub. These flexible vane tips wear out for several reasons none of which can be prevented. Additionally if the outboard motor sits unused the impeller can become brittle and stiff rendering it unusable. Whats worse is when the impeller is run dry.

Mercury 200 Water Pump and Impeller Replacement

Remove the impeller and the woodruff key securing it against the driveshaft. NOTE: The impeller may come off with the water pump housing or may remain on the driveshaft. Slide it off If its still on the driveshaft. Pull it out if its in the water pump housing. Step 3. Remove the metal plate that was beneath the water pump housing and the

Outboard Expert: Water Pump Impellers

Outboard water pump impellers cant take abuse so annual water pump maintenance is cheap insurance. The water pump impeller of any outboard motor needs to be serviced on a regular basis a task that if overlooked can lead to big trouble. Most outboard maintenance schedules call for inspection of the impeller every 100 hours or once a year.

How To Replace the Motor on Your Pool Pump

At the impeller end twist off the impeller counter clockwise. You may have to use a channel lock pliers to GENTLY free up the impeller. Do not apply a lot of pressure with the pliers. You can break the impeller. If these pliers don 39t work find a set of strap pliers. They apply even pressure and are less likely to damage the impeller.

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