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Going Through Airport Security With A Knee Replacement

Going through airport security after a knee replacement can be an uneasy feeling. Is it okay to walk through the metal detectors Will my new knee set off an alarm These are questions you might be asking yourself. I recently went through airport security just 10 weeks after surgery.

Traveling After Joint Replacement: Questions Answered

Hip and knee replacements are made of metal and will be detected by most metal detectors at airports and other security screening stations. Prior to the terrorist attacks of 2001 airline screeners would accept a card or physician note stating that a metal implant had been placed and no additional screening was needed.

Will an Artificial Joint Set Off a Metal Detector

If you have a hip replacement knee replacement a metal plate and screws a metal rod inside your bone or one of many other types of orthopedic implants you may set off the airport metal detector. We used to give patients a card to carry to inform the security staff of your implanted device however there is no need to continue to use these

Airport Metal Detector After Orthopedic Surgery

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Will I Set Off Metal Detectors At the Airport After A Hip or

More recent data from 2017 evaluating patients with total knee replacements showed that only 38 reported that their prosthesis triggered a metal detector. Thirtyfour percent believed having a TKA was inconvenient for airplane travel. Currently the TSA does not require patients to carry a card to identify hip or knee replacements.

Do Joint Replacements Set Off Airport Metal Detectors

Fortunately you can easily show the airport security staff that your artificial implant was the reason for setting off the metal detector. For many joint replacement patients the simplest way to get through airport security is to opt for Xray screening. The imaging technology clearly reveals implants which makes getting to the gate faster.

Metal Detectors Hip and Knee Care

Many commonly used orthopaedic implants may also set off the metal detectors. Over 90 of implanted total hip and knee arthroplasty devices will set off airport metal detectors. 1 Many implants now include ceramic and plastic materials in addition to metal and the metal will still likely cause an alarm in the metal detector.

Air Travel Your Metal Joint Replacement and the TSA McLeod

A survey of hip replacement patients revealed that 8 out of 10 of them triggered the metal detector says McLeod Orthopedic Specialist Dr. Rodney Alan. In England another study showed that knee joint replacements were more likely to set off metal detectors than hip replacements.

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