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Phi the Golden Ratio and Geometry

The ratio of AG to AB is Phi. When the basic phi relationships are used to create a right triangle it forms the dimensions of the great pyramids of Egypt with the geometry shown below creating an angle of 51.83 degrees the cosine of which is phi or 0.618. A ruler and compass can be used to construct the golden rectangle as shown by

All Solar System Periods Fit The Fibonacci Series And The

Since it was noticed that five synodic conjunctions occur as Earth orbits the Sun eight times while Venus orbits thirteen times many attempts have been made to connect the Fibonacci series and its convergent golden ratio of 1.618:1 to the structure of the solar system.

Fibonacci Divine Proportions Of Universe and Everything

The Golden ratio 1.618.. is a unique number in mathematics and its appearance can be found throughout nature: Two quantities a and b are found in the golden proportion if a b is equal to a / b. The numerical value of this ratio is about irrational number 1618 and was called the Golden Number.

The Golden Ratio: Amazing Proof of God Christian Evidence

The Golden Ratio shows up all over the human body and it seems to define what proportions look best that is most attractive. The closer the measurements are to the Golden Ratio the more attractive one tends to be. Here are some measurements taken from a woman for an experiment: 1. Pupil to teeth to chin 1.634 2. Pupil to nose to chin

Myths of maths: The golden ratio

Similar spurious patterns are also observed in the solar system which also has lots of different ratios that you can choose from . Also remember that as the golden ratio is an irrational number see below you will never see it exactly in any measurement. All of this is an example of the way that the human brain finds spurious correlations.

Fibonacci in Space and Geography Fibonacci

Not so obvious are the Golden Ratio properties some scientists propose exist between the distribution of planets moons asteroids and rings in the solar system Boeyens and Thackeray Akhtaruzzaman and Shafie . Some astronomy hypotheses attempt to explain solar system formation by considering the mean distances of the planets from the sun.


Jupiter on the other hand has the value of the 5th base of the golden ratio and the 7th base of the Saturn. The golden ratio engraved in the solar system does not stop there. Ceress distances to the sun are analyzed in the asteroid belt formed by the 9 dominant planets in the solar system and the fragmented planet.

Appearances of Phi the Golden Ratio in the Solar System

The Golden Ratio: Phi 1.618. Golden Ratio Phi 1.618 and Fibonacci in Math Nature Art Design Beauty and the Face. One source with over 100 articles and latest

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