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The Feasibility of Outpost Building Trains Factorio Forums

The Feasibility of Outpost Building Trains. So I am getting into the main course of my megabase build and I realized that I hate manually doing most construction. Love using construction bots to lay down blue prints once I finalize the blue print. One idea I that popped into mind was creating a specific train carrying all the components I would

Train Outpost Factorio Mods

Factorio version: 0.13 0.14. Downloaded: 1914 times. Inspired by RSO this mod reworks the resource generation to strong encourage creating outposts connected by trains: resources patches are much rarer and further apart. with growing distance from the starting position resources patches grow in size. easy configuration via map generation

connecting an outpost via train : factorio

This provides a buffer while the train is traveling. Eventually you 39ll want more than one train traveling to each ore patch. As for smelting plates are twice as dense as ore so you can fit twice as much on a train. But it 39s often more convenient to have a centralized smelting lo ion as then you don 39t need to rebuild smelting every new outpost.


Autotorio. Ore Outpost Generator Click here for a tutorial Blueprint String. Place two walls one at each corner of the ore patch and then place a blueprint string of the walls here. Modded. Shows options for modded entity names Belt Type. Transport Belt Fast Transport Belt Express Transport Belt. Use underground belts.

r/factorio Setting up trains in first megabase city blocks

Have each and every train with a specific schedule on it between cells ie. Train stay at iron outpost 5 until inventory full then go to smelting cell 9 until inventory empty and repeat. Assume that each iron outpost have the same name for the train stop and that every smelting cell also share the same name for the iron input stop.

Mining Outpost how do you make them Page 2 Factorio Forums

All outpost stations dealing with a given good have the same name. For instance all iron ore loading is named Outpost L Iron Ore. This way I can have 1 or 20 and they will get serviced as they buffer up a full load of ore. Again it isnt super efficient.

Iron Outpost Help : factorio reddit

In this Factorio prequel you play an android sent to terraform barren planets and seed them with life. Eons later your efforts will result in a galaxy full of planets ready for engineers to crash land on. This is a full overhaul mod that replaces all recipes and technologies.

A train problem for you all : factorio

You said that your outpost stations turn off when the base doesn 39t need the iron so I guess there already is a circuit connection from outposts to the base right I haven 39t done things like that in factorio but you could use an Advanced Cell to store the number of trains to send out. Each active station sends a signal value 1.

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